Who am I?

Since 1981, I have dedicated my self to enhancing my knowledge of suspicious burn injuries on children. Through objective investigation, professionals can help to ensure the childs future in a safe and caring environment. I make myself available to meet your training, consultation, investigation or testimony needs. Welcome to my site and enjoy the learning experience.

About Phyl

As a member of the San Diego Police Department’s Child Abuse Team in (1981), Phyl Peltier was frustrated when he encountered his first burn case, and found no practical methods in place for determining whether the case was accidental or non-accidental.

Out of that frustration, and after inquiring of doctors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, child abuse investigators, and social services, through a trial and error basis, Peltier developed the immersion burn worksheet to help investigators and the blue dye demonstration for which he is known.

Phyl has taught throughout the United States, Canada, and England. He has taught for international organizations in the United States and Canada such as The International Coroners and ME's Association and The International Forensic Nurses Assn in Montreal. He has also qualified as an expert witness on burn injuries in several courts, including the (Queen’s Court ) in Australia. Phyl’s expertise is not limited to burn injuries, however. He also teaches investigative techniques on the broad spectrum of child abuse, bites, and fingerprints, demonstrative evidence, interview & interrogation and many other investigative categories.

Phyl has testified as an expert witness in suspicious burn injuries in criminal prosecutions. An instructor in the investigation of child abuse, as well as suspicious burn injuries, since 1981, Phyl received the Excellence in Instruction Award from the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation for 1999-2000 and again in 2005-2006.

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Phylip Peltier is a unique pioneer in an area where few professionals tread with comfort. Deliberately inflicted burns to children are one of the more disturbing and unbelievable manifestations of child abuse. They are also difficult to investigate, present evidentially in court and prove. His protocol for bath scald investigations is reproduced in both editions of our Textbook of Child Abuse and Neglect - A Practitioners Handbook (Hobbs, Hanks & Wynne, Churchill Livingstone). We have found it most valuable and simple to use. He has single handedly done a great deal to stimulate effective and scientifically based practice in this demanding area.

Phyl Peltier has been a dedicated law enforcement officer and instructor for over three decades. He is highly regarded as an expert in the area of Non Accidental Physical Child Abuse, with emphasis in the investigation of burn injuries. Mr. Peltier is a highly sought instructor, providing invaluable material and experience in the training of officers, prosecutors and other professionals. He brings to the table experience, knowledge and excellent presentation skills.

There are few witnesses who have the power of persuasion that Phyl Peltier carries to the stand. His long and storied career in law enforcement working in the area of child abuse has prepared him well for the job of educating a jury on the subjects for which he has great expertise. On top of that, his teaching experience training those professionals involved in child abuse intervention around the world has given him another layer of authority that is rare in an expert witness in this field.