Prosecution / Defense / Civil Litigation

Working in law enforcement my entire career, I am often asked if I will work for the defense or in civil litigation cases. The answer is a resounding YES. I once had a law enforcement student in an eight-hour burn class, who after hearing in my introduction, which mentioned I was also working with defense attorneys, told me he did not listen to another word for the remainder of the day. I was amused and disappointed. I explained how much credibility I had when I would testify in front of a jury that no matter who asked for my assistance I was willing to help and present an objective opinion based on the facts presented.

My task is to review photographs, medical reports, statements, etc. and present my findings based on that provided information. The outcome of the case is not my concern, as that lies in the hands of the professionals and jurors assigned to that task.

I accept calls and inquiries from all over the world, regardless of their position or motivation. I have presented training to mixed audiences of 10 and as many as 750. I have been presenting training and designing courses in this and many other areas, since 1980.

If you would like to speak to me regarding consultation or training seminars, contact me through this site.