After being assigned a child abuse case involving an immersion burn, Phyl developed the Evidence Worksheet for Immersion Burns. This worksheet is included in the US Dept. of Justice Portable Guide to Investigating Child Abuse entitled “Burn Injuries in Child Abuse” NCJ162424 for which Phyl was the co-author. This worksheet is now in use throughout the United States and internationally as well.

Feel Free to download it here:

Burn Worksheet


Phyl has been consulting with professional around the world related to suspicious burns, for over three decades. This is done simply via phone, email or hard copy mail. The initial contact is to discuss your case and arrange to send photos to be assessed. Phyl requests that you not share details initially other than the age of the child and if there are any developmental issues with the victim. This will eliminate any future bias issues and allows Phyl to give you feedback based solely on the injury photographs. If further information is required, Phyl will make that specific request in subsequent contacts.

Phyl can assist you in any and all phases of your investigation regardless if you are working in the area of; law enforcement, protective services, forensic nursing, prosecution, defense or any other related party attempting to discover the facts of the case.

Assessment and conclusions will be drawn from but not limited to; injury photos, reenactments, blue dye re creations, video re creations, report review, personal discussions and more.

A fee schedule is available upon request which outlines all areas of consultation, testimony, report preparation, etc. Phyl has been qualified as an expert in the area of suspicious burn injuries in many states and in Australia. A list of expert testimony cases is available upon request.